BRICS countries have received 1/5 of foreign investments

In 2012, the BRICS countries – the large (by population and area) developing countries have the  one-fifth of the world’s foreign investment. In financial terms this amounts to $ 263 billion.

These data are reported by referring to the report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development. Research shows that during the last ten years, the investments in the BRICS countries (which includes a Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have more than tripled.

This indicates a ultra rapidly growth of these countries investment attractiveness, because only in 2000, these countries received only 6% of foreign direct investment.

At the same time, the investment from BRICS countries to other countries for 12 years increased by 119 billion dollars, which in 2012 was 9% of the total FDI. The largest of the five investors was China (54%), and in second place was Russia with a share in 40%. In addition, these two countries recognized as the mergers and acquisitions market leaders in Europe and Asia.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Russian economy last year totaled 44.71 billion dollars. According to Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service) estimates, the FDI in Russia in 2012 increased to 18.7 billion dollars. Although Russia, in general, is the third largest investment, was fixed her primacy among BRICS countries in terms of “investment per capita.” This index in Russia is three thousand dollars, while in China – 432 dollars, and in India – only $ 162 per capita.

Earlier it was reported, that in February of this year the first time in nine months increased the foreign direct investments in China.

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