Registration of land lease agreements: important innovations

The Ministry of Justice has activated the service, through which it is possible to register land lease online, according to the press service of the department, informs.

According to Nataliia Bernatska, the first deputy minister of justice, in this way it is possible to apply for registration of the land lease agreement for a few minutes, without wasting time waiting in queues and communication with officials.

The expert notes that a scan copy of the document on the lease of agricultural land should be kept and this data should be certified with own electronic digital signature in order to register a signed contract.

Using a new online service, it is possible to check the land plot code in the State Land Register at the stage of the application processing. So, if there are no any land plots in it or its number is incorrect, it will not be possible to apply.

The Ministry of Justice notes that the registration of land lease agreements allows the tenant to avoid situations where a land plot can be collected from him/her or leased to another person during the harvest.

It was earlier reported that the Ministry of Justice has introduced a mechanism that enables the solution of the problem of double contracts. Innovation is the automatic data exchange between the property rights register and the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (StateGeoCadastre).

The registrar can not complete the data entry procedure and close the section in the registry until the data is automatically downloaded from the StateGeoCadastre on the presence or absence of registration of the land plot.

The agency solves in this way the problem of illegal seizures of agrarian companies, since such mostly conflict situations occur due to double leases of land.

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