The best countries for business

Forbes Analysts conducted a research of 144 countries in terms of 11 indicators to identify countries with the best environment for doing business. There were evaluated such parameters as innovations, taxes, ownership rights, technologies, freedom, corruption, bureaucracy, equity market and investor protection. informed that the data from the World Economic Forum, Transparency International, World Bank were used as a part of the research.

So, Denmark became the leader according to the best conditions to do business: the analysts highly valued the level of personal and financial freedom and low level of corruption there. Also, in Denmark the state regulation of the process is recognised as the most transparent and efficient in the world.

New Zealand took the second place in the ranking. The rate of economic growth for the year was 3.3% there. A stable and transparent business environment that encouraged entrepreneurs was noted by the experts. The following indicators were also highly valued: ownership right, investor protection, financial freedom and a low level of corruption.

Norway, Ireland and Sweden are in the TOP-5 of the best countries for business. Myanmar, Haiti, Libya, Guinea and Chad took the last positions of the ranking. Ukraine is at 61st place in the ranking, and Russia – 81st place. By the way, the last one, according to Bloomberg analysts, will enter the top-10 of the worst economies in the world in 2016 because the result of three quarters of the country’s GDP has fallen by 3.6%, also low oil prices and the USA and EU sanctions do not make a contribution to the economic growth.

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