Ukrainian business admitted violations

According to a study results received by specialists of the analytical system YouControl, domestic business is full of internal corruption. Thus, 44% of respondents admitted that at least one time they had suffered from the lobbying of a particular contractor, informed.

In addition, 40% of respondents were face theft: their contracts were intercepted and customers were grabbed. At the same time, 38.5% admitted that they passed confidential information to their competitors.

It should be noted that sanctions are not usually applied to the employees who turned out to be “weak link”, but they are just fired. And a quarter of companies require compensating for the losses incurred.

Another 12% of Ukrainian business representatives enter dishonest workers to blacklists of recruitment managers. And only 6% of companies file an application to law enforcement agencies.

It was previously reported that Ukraine and Russia shared 131st place in the global ranking of countries on the level of combating corruption Transparency International. In total, 176 countries participated in the study.

However, the results of Ukraine and Russia are different in other ratings. Thus, according to The World Justice, our state took the 78th out of 113, and the Russian Federation – 96th.

Another rating, Public Integrity, also reports that Ukraine better copes with corruption – 68th place, and RF – 72 out of 109 countries.

It also became known that in 2017, our state lost its position in many global ratings. Thus, Ukraine took the 42 place in the ranking of countries which economies to be the most innovative, having lost one position in comparison with last year. Also our country is by nine steps below in the United Nations ranking of the happiest countries in the world – Ukraine is at the 132 place in terms of happiness, next to Afghanistan.

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