Ukrainians don’t mind the corruption

According to Transparency International Ukraine – anti-corruption organization, the level of economic freedom is directly related to the degree of tolerance to the corruption in society. In addition, several studies show that residents of countries where tolerance to the corruption is less consider themselves not too happy.

For instance, in Denmark the Economic Freedom Index reached almost 80 points from 100, and Corruption Perceptions Index was a bit more than 10%. In Ukraine 22% of citizens show loyalty to corruption and Economic Freedom Index here – 46.8 points.

According to Andrew Marusov, chairman of the organization, the situation concerning corruption is much better than 10 years ago, but Ukraine needs 5-10 years for changes in the corruption perception. For example, Hong Kong took 20 years (1974-1993 ) for increase in level of public intolerance to bribery from zero to 36.7%.

Fighting with the corruption might be effective if laws will be improved and deregulation will carried out – that could eliminate the possibility of officials to take bribes. Monitoring of state authority through anti-corruption bodies is also needed as well as political pressure on the part of society opposed to corruption in the country.

Currently, only 37.4% of Ukrainians consider the corruption as a negative phenomenon.

By the way, in CPI – the world ranking of corruption perceptions Ukraine occupies 130th place among 168, the press office of Transparency International informed. In 2015 Ukraine improved its position by only one point, and in 2014 our country ranked 142 nd place among 175.

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