Who get declared salary in Ukraine?

According to hh.ua human resources portal, the majority of domestic businesses hide their incomes saving on taxes, and they pay salaries to personnel in envelopes.

Thus, according to research of the portal it became known that almost 50% of Ukrainian workers were paid for the work of unofficial salary. However, the good news is that the percentage of legal settlements slightly increased, in comparison with the data of 2014, when only a third of Ukrainians received the “declared” salary.

Experts attributed this situation to the passage of the peak of the crisis, so many entrepreneurs started to come out of the shadow.

Interestingly, employees of the banking sector and the oil and gas industry, civil servants, as well as insurers and representatives of telecommunication industry most often receive the legal wages.

Almost 30% of Ukrainian office workers receive a part of their salaries in envelopes, and approximately 22% of employers settle accounts with their employees through the “black cash”. In addition, it became known that high salaries to be rarely completely “official”.

By the way, in January-August of this year fiscals revealed violations of tax legislation in 61% of enterprises during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of business entities that paid wages and other incomes to the individuals. It is reported by the press service of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Also, during the reporting period there were identified 37 thousand of individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities without registration.

In addition, it became known that salary expectations of applicants in the largest cities of Ukraine exceeded wages rate, which employers were ready to pay, according to rabota.ua. For example, kyivans are hoping for a payment of UAH 10 thousand, but business owners are willing to pay only UAH 7.5 thousand.

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