For business predicted the tangible changes

2013 will bring a number of important changes in the business, said Ingrid Vanderveldt that works with business incubator from Dell. The expert has identified five key trends of the modern enterprise.

Alternate ways of financing

Most entrepreneurs start their own business with personal assets and capital. But today there are businessmen and innovative alternative financing options. For example, through the resources like Kickstarter, total lending sites (peer-to-peer), or use a tool specially created funds to support future projects.

Technologies and expansion

With fast pace of growth of the information and the widespread use of cloud solutions business will increasingly pay attention to the technology, seeing them as a strategic advantage. Limited budgets will encourage owners to attract foreign IT experts for individual consultation to determine the specific needs of the business.

Personnel problem

Tour of Dell Corporation around nine cities “Go Local”  helped to find out what business owners to “hunt” for the best talents and promising staff. Much can be achieved by expanding the Ecosystem of a business, as well as by maximizing the current and potential human capital. For this valuable than ever will be online and personal networking opportunities.

Entrepreneurs became younger

Young people are often based more business before coming to college. They develop different startups, blog, engage in publishing activities. In order to protect their business, supported by recommendations, to help with the launch and development of business, created funds and support institutions, such as the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU).

Social Entrepreneurship

Now it is very important not only economic but also social and environmental aspects of business. Considerable attention paid to issues such enterprise, stimulated the emergence of various competitions and scholarships for the best practices of socially responsible business.

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