How many Ukrainians use the Internet

According to statistics of the Internet Association of Ukraine, compiled by at the end of 2012, in Ukraine there are some 19.7 million people over 15 years of using the network regularly. The company in Mind Factum group estimated that at the end of 2012 the Internet penetration level of in the territory of Ukraine amounted to almost 44%.

In a report released by the National Commission dealing with government regulation in the area of ​​communication and information, it is noted that the penetration level of broadband Internet services in domestic households reached 35%. For comparison, the rate in Europe is on average 65%.

Relatively to the mobile Internet, they are in Ukraine just over 14 million people. Such data according to the company iKS-Consulting.

Regional distribution of the Internet users number is uneven. Thus, according to the State Statistics Service, in the first nine months of last year, the largest number of active users concentrated in the capital – 32.7%. In second place after Kiev – Odessa with a score of 17.6%.

Considerable gap demonstrate Donetsk (of 6.7%), Dnipropetrovsk (4.8%), Lviv (4.3%) and Kharkiv regions (3.4%). Unfortunately, virtually complete outsiders were Rivne, Zakarpattia, Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad, Chernivtsi regions and Sevastopol, where the Internetization level is even less than 1%.

By the way, 52% of Internet users – are residents of cities with a population of over 100 thousand people., And with a population of 100 thousand people. – 6%. In small towns (up to 50 thousand people.) Are 23% of users, and in rural areas – 19%.

When analyzed the devices from which Ukrainians are located on the World Wide Web, then basically it stationary home computers (62%), in second place – home laptops (29%). From mobile phones and smart phones regularly come 13% of users.

Popular reason for access to the Internet – social networking (56%). No less popular reasons were to email – 52%, downloading movies and music – 41%, as well as search for information – 36%. To read the electronic media, go to the Network 29% of users, and to view the video online – 23%.

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