Record amount of investment in Ukrainian agrarian sector

Ukrainian agricultural sector attracted 1.5 times more capital investment in 2016 than the previous year – UAH 44 billion, which is the largest sum for all the years of independence. It is reported by the Institute of Agricultural Economics, UNIAN informed.

The report says that such amount of funds indicates a high level of investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector, because investors are guided by positive expectations regarding the level of investment returns in the future. In addition, expectations regarding the growth of Ukrainian agricultural exports influenced upon the volume of investment.

Last year, the main sources of capital investments were the internal resources and attracted ones by the industry companies, while foreigners were not in a hurry to make financial injections.

Ukrainian investors showed the interest in the implementation of projects of new livestock facilities. Market participants expect the strengthening of this trend in the future.

It should be recalled that the volume of capital investment in Ukraine amounted to UAH 326.2 billion in 2016, which exceeded the result of 2015 by 16.4%, according to the State Statistics Service.

As for the export of domestic agricultural products, it grew by 4.5% to 15.5 billion dollars at last year end, and amounted to 42.5% of total exports of Ukraine.

By the way, every year our country produces more organic products, and the Western Europe buys the larger part of produced ones, the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation reports.

According to Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy on European Integration, Ukrainian domestic market for organic products is insufficiently developed, because the consumer interest to it is not high yet, the publication informs.

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