About the Association

The Association of Consulting Firms was established in 2002 with the purpose of coordination of production, scientific, economic and other activities of partner companies, as well as solving common economic and social issues. Representatives of different types of business combined their knowledge and experience to meet the requirements of time and customer needs.

Since its foundation and up to this day, the Association has been involved in coordinating the interaction of state and international organizations, non-governmental organizations in the implementation of joint programs, establishing international contacts in the field of consulting, organizing the international exchange of information and technologies on a commercial basis, developing projects and legislative acts, which would contribute to the development of consulting in Ukraine.

The Association is the publisher of “Consulting in Ukraine” the only one specialized magazine on consulting services market in Ukraine.

The Association consists of the best auditing firms, valuation agencies, law firms, design studios, marketing bureaus and other consulting companies.

Today, the Association of Consulting Firms intensifies its efforts to expand the number of ACF partners in order to provide comprehensive services for the Ukrainian business, as well as to enter the international level by involving transnational companies in partnership and concluding affiliate programs with international consulting associations.

Cooperation with us is an opportunity to receive partner support in the consulting market, it is always relevant information on the latest trends in Ukrainian business, as well as information most interesting for the investor about the direction of the national economy.