Authorities decided to liquidate entrepreneurs at the simplified system

According to experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the shadow sector of Ukrainian economy is currently 44.8%, and the Council of Europe representatives among the reasons for this situation call corruption and illegal economic activity, including false entrepreneurship, fraud and tax evasion , “Law and Business” newspaper informs.

People’s deputies became the authors of the draft amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some legislative acts. Document No. 8089 refers to the reduction of the VAT rate, as well as the reform of the simplified system in the light of European experience.

Consequently, it is planned to reduce the basic VAT rate from 20 to 16% and limit the types of entrepreneurial activities that give the right to be on II group of the unified tax payers. The authors believe that such an opportunity should be left to those individuals-entrepreneurs who produce goods, conduct retail sales in the markets, and work in the restaurant industry, if the area of the object does not exceed 20 m2. Only those who use the means of mobile trade will be able to be in group II.

It is expected that those individuals-entrepreneurs who perform work and provide services, including domestic, or sell goods in a remote manner will remain at the simplified system of taxation. Traditionally, the maximum amount of income will be UAH 1.5 million per year for such persons, but they must establish a cash register. At the same time, the simplified group III is liquidated.

The banning will be introduced for the first two groups of entrepreneurs at the simplified system. For example, it is prohibited to sell retail out of three retail outlets in markets or sell at two objects in the restaurants. The authors emphasize that such activity is a network business. Sanctions will also increase and amount up to 200% of the value of the goods sold with violations, but not less than UAH 1 700.

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