Entrepreneurs actively apply for electronic keys

In January of this year, 35.1 thousand entrepreneurs became users of the services of an accredited centre of keys certification of STS, the press service of the department reported. By the end of the month, 96.9 thousand electronic keys were freely provided. This is informed by Ubr.ua.

Most users of electronic keys are individuals-entrepreneurs. 25.9 of individuals-entrepreneurs received 54 thousand of strengthened certificates, and 9.2 thousand of legal entities obtained the Centre services, having received 42.9 thousand of digital signatures.

By the way, during 2017, 73.3 thousand of legal entities and 229.7 thousand of individuals-entrepreneurs applied for electronic keys. They were issued more than 1 million strengthened certificates: individuals-entrepreneurs received 480.6 thousand of electronic keys, and legal entities – 522.2 thousand.

In total, there were issued 6.2 million of strengthened certificates of keys from the beginning of the centre activity.

It also became known that Ukraine plans to introduce a scale of payment of the unified contribution on a regressive basis. The government plans to reduce the amount of payment and expand the tax base under the new bill. This step will stimulate wage increases and promote tax revenues to the Pension Fund. It is expected that after the introduction of the bill, the fund will receive UAH 5 billion, according to Andrii Reva, Minister of Social Policy.

“This is about the introduction of a regressive scale of payment of USC for the entire amount of the wage received. The amount from which USC to be accrued will increase, while the percentage will decrease” – Mr. Reva said.

According to the minister, the introduction of a regressive scale of tax payment will affect 60 thousand Ukrainians who receive high wages.

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