Higher salaries higher payments

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to increase the maximum base for the USC accruing from salaries. Thus, if the size of the unified social contribution from the salary of UAH 60 thousand was almost UAH 9.8 thousand, then this year – 12 UAH.2 thousand, Realist publishing reported.

It should be recalled, earlier the contribution was withheld from the salaries in the amount of 25 minimum salaries, and the other amount was exempt from the USC. Instead, now the contributions will have to be paid from wages to 15 minimum salaries.

Due to the adoption of such a decree, the procedure for accrual and payment of the tax is in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Increase of Pensions”.

By the way, the Finance Ministry issued a bill, which should introduce the term “person with high incomes” in the Ukrainian legislation, as well as oblige such persons to submit tax declarations every year. The authors of the document also propose to expand the powers of fiscal so that the SFSU could receive data on the circulation of funds on the accounts of such taxpayers.

According to fiscal reports, in 2017, revenues from the USC amounted to UAH 180.8 billion, which is more by UAH 49 billion than in 2016.

At the same time, analysts of the European Business Association (EBA) are joint in the fact that this year’s fiscal burden will grow despite the fact that the rate will remain unchanged, as the base of the USC accruing, which depends on the minimum salary.

Earlier it was reported that the Government Committee adopted a bill on the introduction of a tax on deducted capital instead of the income tax. It is anticipated that such a move will provide an incentive for companies to invest in manufacturing and business development.

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