IT sector paid the most

Tax revenues from the provision of computer and information services amounted to UAH 6.5 billion during 10 months of this year, as reported in the EBA IT Committee, informed.

During January − October of this year, tax revenue increased by 37.4% compared to the same period of 2016.

The report states that IT industry in Ukraine is rapidly increasing its efficiency, and the volume of activity has almost reached pre-crisis indicators.

51% of tax revenues from IT sector are payments from companies in Kyiv and Kyiv region, and 15% of these financial injections have come from the central offices of IT companies.

The largest taxpayers are IT hubs, which unite representatives of IT industry in Kharkiv region (11% of tax revenues), Lviv region (8%), Odesa region and Dnipro region (by 4.4%). The share of tax payments of companies in Zaporizhzhia and Vinnytsia regions was 2% during the reporting period.

By the way, Ukrainian IT specialists currently choose neighbouring Poland to move to a permanent place of residence more than the USA, Germany or the Netherlands. Thus, most of IT specialists from Ukraine now live and work in Poland − 26%, Germany − 19%, the United States − 13%, and the Netherlands − 6%. This is stated on the website of the community of Ukrainian programmers DOU with reference to their own survey.

It is also said that qualified sector professionals increasingly move abroad over the past five years.

The survey showed that the majority of respondents moved abroad not so long ago. 19% moved there less than a year ago, 38% − from one to two years, and 35% − 3−5 years. And only 8% live abroad for more than five years.

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