Ukraine is the last in ranking of economic freedom

In the ranking of economic freedom, which to be formed by Heritage Foundation research organization (USA), Ukraine occupied the 44th place, the last one, in Europe, and among 186 countries of the world – the 150th place, informed.

Our state gained only 51.9 points of 100 possible ones. In 2017, the figure increased by 3.8 points, as 8 of the 12 indicators were positive. Significant innovations concerned the sphere of monetary freedom and freedom of investment.

As a result, Ukraine is at the last stage among 44 European countries, and its global ranking is lower than the regional ones.

Heritage Foundation analysts said that in order to improve our position, our state should fight corruption, develop capital markets, improve the legal framework and privatize state-owned enterprises.

The rating takes into account 12 freedoms, three of which in Ukraine were rated worse than last year – property rights, integrity of management and freedom of trade. At the same time, the level of financial freedom remained at the level of last year.

At the moment, our country belongs to the cohort of states, the economies of which are largely not free. This is the fourth grading category. In addition, there are also distinguished countries with a free economy, mostly free economy, moderately free and depressed.

Hong Kong leads in Heritage Foundation ranking with a result of 90.2 points, followed by Singapore with 88.8 points. TOP-5 also includes New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia and Ireland.

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