Design and printing services

1. Design Services:

  • Mock-ups creation
  • Layout (book, magazine, newspaper)
  • Preparation of photographs
  • Preparation of tools for presentations, sketches, markings and other layouts
  • Other design services

2. Editing, translation, proofreading

3. Preparation of material for printing:

  • Prepress data, including scanning and optical character recognition of simbols / text
  • Preparation of data files for multimedia (for printing on paper, CD, in the Internet)
  • Platemaking process organization
  • Organization of processing copies on the printing plate on the principle “from PC to the plate” (including photopolymer plate)
  • Organization of making surgical plates and cliches for embossing or printing
  • Other services, related to preparation for printing

4. Printing:

  • Printing (offset, digital, silk screen printing)

5. Postprinting operations

  • Folding, cutting, stitching, collation, stapling, stamping, applying etching ground
  • Other types of postprinting operations.

5.Consulting support in the field of printing activities:

  • Advisory support in publishing and media registration
  • Advisory support in the selection of materials
  • Advisory support in choosing the optimal method of printing
  • Advisory support on compliance with corporate identification
  • Advisory support in the field of printing activities

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