Marketing Consulting Services

Our experts are ready to offer you:

1. Creation of marketing and sales system in the enterprise:

  • branding services;
  • marketing planning, media planning and budgeting;
  • all kind of writing (an article, a copy, an announcement, press releases);
  • public relations services;
  • conference service and imagemaking;
  • SMM;
  • all kind of trainings;
  • infotainment during 3 months after execution of the order.

2. Complex support of the companies and brands:

  • naming services;
  • corporate style creation;
  • design and layout of any promotional products;
  • creation and record of audio – videoclips.

Website making + printing services

  • making of websites (all types);
  • print business cards, invitations, flyers, postcards and other presentation products;
  • plotting on any surfaces the logo of the company.

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