Estimation of property and steadings

Центр економіко-правового забезпечення

Member of the Association – The Economic and Legal Support Center offers:

Estimation of:


  • real estate including steadings;
  • cars, equipment;
  • vehicles;
  • aircrafts;
  • vessels;
  • Estimation of property complexes, shares, securities.
  • Estimation of interests and intangible assets;
  • expert estimation of steadings;
  • reviewing of estimation reports;
  • business planning;
  • marketing and financial consulting;
  • project support.

Syrveying, geodesic and cartographical works:.

  • construction and development of survey networks;
  • inventory and an establishment of borders of the ground areas geodetic works;
  • topographic mappings 1: 500 – 1: 1 000 and their refreshment;
  • cadastral surveys, topographical works for different cadastres;

The consulting services:

  • consultations on property rights and buying and selling of property;
  • consultations  on efficiency of investment and assistance in attraction;
  • real estate market research.

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