Where We Came From

The Association of Consulting Firms was founded in 2002 for collaboration of production, scientific, economic and other activities of business partners, as well as solutions of the common economic and social issues.
Representatives of the different types of businesses have combined their efforts and expertise in order to meet the demands of time and needs of clients.
Since its foundation and until today the Association deals with coordination of government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations in the implementation of joint programs, establishment of international relations in the consulting market, the organization of the international exchange of information and technologies on a commercial basis, the development of projects and llegislative acts that could favour the development of consulting in Ukraine.
The Association publishes the specialized magazine «Consulting in Ukraine».
The Association consists of best to date the leading auditing and legal firms, appraisal and recruitment agencies, design studios, marketing offices and other consulting companies.
The Association of Consulting Firms is brisking up the work in expanding the number of partners to provide integrated services of the Ukrainian business, as well as access to the international level by engaging in co-operation of transnational companies and the introduction of partnership programs with international consulting companies now.
Cooperation with us – an opportunity to get support in the consulting market. You can always get timely information about the recent trends in the Ukrainian business and the most interesting trends for the investor of the national economy.