The Association of Consulting Firms is ready to assist (as a customer and as a participant) during public procurement procedures and procurement of specific areas of economic activity in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of Procurement in Specific Areas of Economic Activity”.

We perform the best selection of the type of goods, works and services (according to the State Classifier), provide avoidance of mistakes and inaccuracies in the procurement procedure.

As a result, you get:

  • reduction of the procurement procedure;
  • avoidance of mistakes in the preparation of bidding documents;
  • avoidance of penalties for violating thelegislation on public procurements.

If you need:

  • Assistance in drawing-up of the annual procurement plan
  • Assistance in drawing-up of the internal order of purchases that are not subject of the Law of Ukraine “On public procurements” and the Law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of Procurement in Specific Areas of Economic Activity”
  • Consultations on the choice of the procurement procedure
  • Consultations on practical application of the State Classifier on accurate definition of the scope of procurement
  • Preparation of the bidding documents
  • Clarification of competitive bidding
  • Method development for evaluating of competitive bidding proposals
  • Audit (inspection) of transactions (documents) related to the public procurement procedure
  • Analysis of compliance with the legislation contracts on procurement of goods, works and services, as well as compliance with contractual terms requirements of the bidding documents and the terms of the competitive bid
  • Analysis of fulfilment of the terms of the contract and reasons for the transfer of public funds, please contact us  044-279-62-00